Precautions for using pads

Precautions for using pads

2020-09-02 15:23:02

The use of the gasket has a great influence on the shielding effectiveness of the shield. When using, pay attention to the following points:

   1. In all types of pads, finger springs allow sliding contact, and other types of pads allow sliding contact, otherwise the pads will be damaged.

  2. Certain types of gaskets will be irreversibly damaged if they are excessively compressed. Therefore, a pressure-limiting structure should be set up during use to ensure a certain amount of compression.

  3. In addition to the conductive rubber gasket, when the electrical contact between the gasket and the shield body is good, the shielding effectiveness of the gasket has no positive relationship with the amount of compression. Increasing the amount of compression cannot improve the shielding effectiveness. The shielding effectiveness of conductive rubber increases as the amount of compression increases, which is related to the increase in the density of conductive particles in the conductive rubber.

  4. The metal plate contacted by the gasket must have sufficient rigidity, otherwise it will deform under the elastic force of the gasket and form new discontinuities, resulting in radio frequency leakage. For the front compression structure, proper tightening screw spacing can prevent panel deformation.

   5. When the size allows, use thicker gaskets as much as possible, which can allow metal structural parts to have greater machining errors, thereby reducing costs. In addition, thicker pads are generally softer and require less rigidity of the metal plate.

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