What are the welding methods using ceramic backing

What are the welding methods using ceramic backing

2020-09-02 15:19:37

  The ceramic liner is made of a variety of ceramic raw materials and fluxes, and has the characteristics of high refractoriness, resistance to deformation, and high mechanical strength. It can be used in the production and processing procedures of shipbuilding, bridges, boilers, pressure vessels, steel structures, auto parts and other manufacturing industries. It can improve welding quality, reduce welding costs, improve the labor environment, save energy and environmental protection, and increase revenue and expenditure for enterprises. Improve efficiency.

  The use of ceramic backing as welding processing aid is also an improvement in processing skills. After use, the welding seam is strong, crack-resistant, good toughness, and stable mechanical properties. It is suitable for single-side welding of general steel structure flat, vertical and horizontal butt joints. That is, single-sided welding and double-sided forming at one time. And the back welding seam is full, firm and beautiful.

  So, what are the technical characteristics of these welding processes using ceramic backing?

  Horizontal welding is to weld a horizontal weld on a vertical or inclined plane. Short arc welding should be used, and a smaller diameter welding current should be used, as well as an appropriate method of transportation.

  Single-side welding and double-sided forming means welding on one side, and the weld on the other side can also be formed well. It is mostly used for pipe welding and cannot be welded internally. Single-sided welding and double-sided forming are called continuous arc welding and broken arc welding. Single-sided welding and double-sided forming operation technology is an operation method that uses ordinary welding rod and special operation method to ensure that both sides of the groove can be obtained after welding on the front side of the groove.

   Because the molten iron is supported by ceramic pads during welding, there is no need to worry about holes. Without the liner, it must be controlled by humans, and the processing parameters must be strictly controlled. At the same time, it is necessary to pay more attention to the molding of the back side, which has extremely strict technical requirements.