• Causes of shrinkage on the back of the ceramic gasket

    Ceramic welding backing is suitable for welding processes in shipbuilding, bridges, boilers, pressure vessels, steel structures and other industries.

    2020-09-02 1294

  • Precautions for using pads

    The use of the gasket has a great influence on the shielding effectiveness of the shield. When using, pay attention to the following points:1. In all types of pads, finger springs allow sliding contact, and other types of pads allow sliding contact, other

    2020-09-02 1323

  • What are the welding methods using ceramic backing

    The ceramic liner is made of a variety of ceramic raw materials and fluxes, and has the characteristics of high refractoriness, resistance to deformation, and high mechanical strength. It can be used in the production and processing procedures of shipbuil

    2020-09-02 1283